Deep Blue Tank

Welcome to Deep Blue Tank! This website is designed to help aquarists, hobbyists and fish lovers connect, and share information about the fish they keep and the environments that they maintain.

My wife and I have kept fish for many years, its mainly been my hobby but she’s definitely become a fan lately. Recently we were given a 55 gallon aquarium and we had a 20 gallon and we had a ton of questions: what fish are compatible with other fish, could we split these fish up and move them around. You can read more about the story of Deep Blue Tank on our blog.

Eventually this will be an open community in which you’ll be able to log in and record information about your tanks and share that info with our community. For now, don’t mind the mess as we try to get information up on the site. This site will be updated daily in an effort to get this project off of the ground. Again welcome to Deep Blue Tank.

Thanks for your patience!