Afra Cichlid

The Afra Cichlid also called the Dogtooth Cichlid isn't particularly aggressive, but can be if necessary. It's important to note that these fish love a ton of hiding spaces. They can become very territorial, and will attack smaller fish. This is a great fish to start a beginner level African Cichlid aquarium.


The Afra cichlid is extremely territorial, and requirers an environment with a wide open space, but also many hiding places. This is a great beginner fish for an African Cichlid tank. It is recommended that you keep the Afra with other Mbuna fish possibly even set up an exclusive tank.

Natural Variations

Remarkable as it may sound depending on exactly where you are in Lake Malawi you’ll come across a different coloration pattern of the Afra Cichlid in fact 18 different variations (Chewere, Chinuni, Chitande, Chuanga, Cobue, Jalo Reef, Likoma, Lumbila, Lundu, Lupingu, Mbenji, Metangula, Minos Reef, Msobo, Ndumbi, Njambe, Nkhata Bay, and the Nkolongwe) have been identified. This is probably due to their territorial nature too which they do not travel far from and the size of Lake Malawi.